I’ve decided to start writing a technical blog for two reasons. Reason one is the fact that I’ve been immensely helped by all the blogs online. They helped me study for certs, learn new things or just gave solutions to problems at work. I hope this blog is able to contribute back and help others on their journey.

Reason two is more personal. I just want to develop my skills and writing information down is a good way to force myself to really dive deep.

In the end though, the blog will just be me writing when I have time, about topics I’m interested in.

About me

I’m an IT generalist who likes to code and to, within reason, automate all the things. I’ve always been interested in how and why things work. I studied pharmaceutics, but just couldn’t bring myself to finish it. During my studies I started working in IT, which has always been one of my passions. Grew from a helpdesk position to administation and now engineering. My focus has always been broad and while a lot of techniques and technologies interest me, I nowadays tend to focus on networking, cloud, automation and devops (culture and tools).

About the blog

The name of the blog is a mangling of my last name. Add an I/O after it and you have a technical term that fits an IT blog.