USB-C device won't output to a USB-C monitor

Not all DisplayPort Alt Modes are created equally

USB-C device won't output to a USB-C monitor
Cable mess ©Alessio CC BY 2.0 Last holiday I helped my sister find a new setup for her home office. I wanted her setup to be as simple as possible, while still being reasonably priced. The choice fell on the Lenovo 13S-IWL laptop and Dell U2719DC monitor. Both the monitor and laptop support USB Type-C (USB-C) DisplayPort (DP) Alternate Mode (Alt Mode) which allows for output/input of a DP signal over USB-C. [Read More]

Netscaler 11 content switching caching issue

Troubleshooting why an Exchange OWA page isn't loading correctly when content switched by a Netscaler.

Flooding at Cache River ©U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region TL;DR: Netscalers have an Integrated Cache feature which can cache files even if not licensed. This is the default AAA cache. The cache can store corrupted or outdated files. The cache can be disabled completely, but The only way I found to clear the cache, even after disabling, is with an HA failover or a reboot. [Read More]